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CIPC Company Registration

How to Retrieve my CIPC Registration Number

You will find the CIPC company registration number of your entity on almost every page of the company documents. The original company document is the COR 14.3 for a private company or a CK 1 for a closed corporation.

If your original company documents get lost, we will be able to assist you in retrieving your documents in two different ways: - By retrieving a certificate of confirmation from CIPC.

This is a replica of a CK 1 or COR 14.3, but not a document accepted by banks etc as part of FICA. For these purposes you would need certificate copies of the original company registration documents.

This document is merely a confirmation of certain information:
  1. The registration number of the company or closed corporation
  2. The postal and physical address of the company or closed corporation
  3. The current directors of the company or closed corporation.
We can assist you with retrieving this information.
Time frame for this is approximately 24 - 48 hours.

- By retrieving the original company registration documents from CIPC.

This is the original CK 1 or COR 14.3 that your will need for any application form or FICA for the company. The original company registration documents are stores at CIPC head office, in hard copy as well as electronically. We will be able to retrieve this documents for you.

We can assist you with retrieving these documents.
Time frame for this is approximately 3 - 8 weeks.

Feel free to contact our office for assistance with your CIPC company registration documents and any of our company registration packages.

We are currently members of the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners & Institute of Accounting & Commerce (The principle director JN Basson are registered with practice number AO652993).

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