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CIPC Company Registration

Share Certificate

When you register a company with CIPC, you would need to issue the shares of the company. A share certificate is used to issue shares.

This is a very important aspect as part of your company registration, and for the following reasons.
  • The share certificate is the document to proof that the shares of a company belongs to a certain person or entity.
  • Financial institutions need this as part as their verification process when you open a bank account for your company, as well as applying for finance for the company.

Some important things to keep in mind regarding a share certificate:
  • The original share certificates are the responsibility of the director / s
  • A share certificate need to be signed to be valid
  • To make any changes to shareholding, it is advised to accompany a share certificate with a signed resolution or sale agreement of the shares.
  • All share certificates issued, including the resolutions and / or minutes of the meetings, need to be documented in the company register book.
  • Share certificates must be issued in sequential numbers and need to be stated on the certificate as well as the company register book.

The following information is required to state on a share certificate:
  • ID number and full names of the shareholder (if an individual) Entity registration number and full registered name of the shareholder (if a company or Trust)
  • Number of share
  • Type of shares
  • Amount paid for the shares

Feel free to contact our office for assistance with you share certificates.

We are currently members of the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners & Institute of Accounting & Commerce (The principle director JN Basson are registered with practice number AO652993).

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